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Dive into our comprehensive guide, 'Ten Key Benefits of Using a Digital Freight Marketplace Platform.'

Discover the multitude of advantages that await you. Download the guide today and efficiently shape your logistics strategy!

Mobile-Friendly Convenience

Our digital freight forwarding platform is customized for those who prioritize flexibility. Whether you're working from your office or on the move, our mobile-friendly interface enables you to easily request shipment quotes and track them using your smartphone. Break free from desk constraints – your logistics are now within easy reach!

Effortless Truck Freight Solutions

Bid farewell to the complexities of solo logistics management. We simplify the handling of your truck freight needs with ease. Our commitment to transparency guarantees that you'll enjoy uninterrupted visibility into the entire process.

Optimize your shipping process and gain a competitive edge.

Cargo Insurance Services

Logistics Expertise

Logistics Data at Your Finger Tips

What is OpenBorder Shipping?

Overcome Logistical Challenges.

We are available over the phones and through email to help you navigate your freight. Our dedicated team takes the weight off your shoulders and allows you to reclaim your time and energy. Partner with us to conquer logistical challenges, free up resources, and drive your business toward success.

OpenBorder... Ship Smarter and Faster for Less.

OpenBorder Shipping offers logistics and freight brokerage, courier shipping, shipment tracking, cargo insurance and claims, customs clearance, and more across Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the USA.